PushMetrics 3.8.1 was released on September 04, 2018.

Noteworthy updates in the release include:

Create grouped alert rules to monitor breakdowns of metrics
You can now create alert rules that monitor multiple KPIs or metrics in different breakdowns at once and whit only one alert rule, making alerting much more scalable.
Learn more here.

Create and run stored SQL queries
You can now run SQL queries against your data directly in PushMetrics in our amazing new SQL editor - schema and syntax completion included. You can store these queries and share them with other users in the contents section. More functionality (Reports, Slack, Alerts) coming very soon - More detailed documentation coming, too. 

Ability to remove multiple reports at once
Sometimes it's the small things that are annoying. If you created a mess and duplicated a report 100 times and you need to get rid of the reports again, you can now also remove reports in bulk (next to bulk sending and bulk duplicating).

PNG width and height format options
Due to popular demand, we added width and height options for PNG exports to overwrite the default size.

Improved login speed
Under certain conditions, login to PushMetrics was sometimes a bit slow. We have made significant improvements to log you in much faster 🏃‍♂️

Fix: no more case-sensitivity on usernames
Now, it doesn't matter if you log in with JohnDOE@foo.co or johndoe@foo.co - We'll recognise you in any case 😉

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