Congrats! You just signed up for PushMetrics and are about to change how your team works with data 😉

To get started smoothly complete these steps:

1. Complete the signup process and browse through the demo data

We have loaded your account with some example data, so you can get a first impression of what you can do with PushMetrics.

You can remove the demo data and add it again at any time in the Settings section.

2. Add to Slack

If your team uses Slack, adding our Slack integration will allow you to

  • send scheduled reports and receive alerts in any Slack channel
  • browse & query data directly in Slack
  • sync your Slack team with PushMetrics to make onboarding your team a breeze

If you don't use Slack, just skip this step and use PushMetrics with good ol' email.

3. Connect to Tableau

Well, browsing with demo data is fun but without your data, you can't really do anything useful in PushMetrics. So, set up your Tableau connection and get started with real data.

That's the most important things to get going.
If you have done, create a report with your most important data and learn how to get the most out of your evaluation.

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