What are dynamic filters?

With PushMetrics you can send every recipient of a report a personalized version with recipient-specific filters applied to the report contents while only maintaining one single report.

For example, you might want to send a Sales Report to your sales reps and every rep should only see a report with his/her own numbers.

Instead of duplicating the report for every rep, you can use "Dynamic Filters". Dynamic Filters work like placeholders or merge fields with recipient-specific values.

You will have to maintain only one single report with many recipients - reducing the amount of administration necessary while making reports much more personal for the different stakeholders.

As of now, dynamic filter parameters are limited to the recipient email address, i.e. you need to have a filter option in your Tableau view or dashboard that takes recipient email addresses into account. We will add more options (Recipient Name, Custom Values) very soon.

Setting up a Report with Dynamic Filters

As a prerequisite, you need a Tableau view that accepts the recipient email as a filter value - e.g. a single select filter "Sales Manager" and different recipient email addresses as values that customise the view.

  • In PushMetrics create a new Report and select your Tableau View or Dashboard and add it to the report.
  • Click on "Add Filter"
  • Check the "Dynamic Recipient Filter" box to enable dynamic filtering for this report.
  • In the "Custom Filter" field, enter the name of the field to be filtered (e.g. "Sales Manager" or "Email") as filter name and [recipient.email] as the filter value. E.g. Sales Manager=[recipient.email] 
  • Hit Save

As a result, you will see something like this:

The icon indicates that a dynamic filter is applied. 

  • Now, specify a few email recipients. You can use the CC and BCC fields to add static recipients - i.e. CC and BCC recipients will not affect dynamic filtering. For example this is useful if you want to send filtered reports to your customers but the account manager should also receive a copy of each report.

Set up the rest of the report just like any other report. 

Previewing Results

Once the report is saved, you can dry run it by sending it to yourself. This will generate the entire batch of reports, apply the recipient-specific filters but email the results only to you.

If the results are as expected, run the report on the schedule or trigger it manually to send each recipient his/her version.

Please note that depending on your underlying data, file sizes and number of recipients report execution can take a long time and will cause load on your Tableau instance as well as your underlying data source.

Current Limitations / Coming Soon:

  • User Groups as recipients doesn't work with dynamic filters right now
  • Slack Recipients don't work with dynamic filters as of now - only email
  • Dynamic Filters are restricted to the [recipient.email] merge field. More options on the way.
  • We plan to allow usage of custom mergefields in other areas of the report, too (e.g. message text, subject line, etc.)

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