Unfortunately, Tableau only allows filters to be passed on via a simple filter string and not all types of filters are supported.
As of now, the following limitations to filtering are known:

  • Date sliders and relative date filters don't work due to Tableau API limitations. A workaround is described here.
  • Filter names must be specified exactly as the field name in Tableau - If you change the title in the view to a more readable format (e.g. Order Date  instead of DAY(Order Date) ), you still need to use the original field name in PushMetrics.
  • Special characters like  , and & will break the filter as they are reserved for separating multiple filters and filter values.
  • If your filter values have such characters (for example a City  filter with a value like Portland, OR ), as a workaround, you'd need to replace them in Tableau with a simple calculated field that replaces the special character with a different character. Then, you use that calculated field for filtering instead of your original field.
    Here's what it looks like:
    Formula: REPLACE(REPLACE([Name],"&","+"),",",";")
    with [Name]  being the original filter name. 
  • If a workbook has parameters and fields named the same, filtering those can result in unexpected behaviour. We recommend renaming one value to keep names distinct.
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