In PushMetrics, you can easily apply filters from a Tableau View or Dashboard to both reports and Slack ad-hoc requests (/pm ).

You can do that with a command that looks like this:
/pm <Viewname> -f <Filtername>=<Filtervalue>  

For example, if the view name is “Overview" and "Region" is the filter name, to show only results from the Southern region, you'd type:
/pm Overview -f Region=South 

Take note of the -f  argument before the filter name, which indicates that a series of filters should be applied to the view before running. Be aware that view names and filter names are case specific. 

Our filtered view will look like this:

Combining multiple Filters and Filter values

You can use ampersands (&) to separate each filter, and commas (,) to concatenate multiple filter values within a filter.
For example:
/pm Overview -f Region=South,Central&Customer=Large 

Known Limitations

Unfortunately, filtering comes with some limitations and shortcomings at this time. We're always working on improving this and we list all known issues and workarounds here.

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