In PushMetrics, a report is a collection of one or more Tableau views and dashboards sent on a schedule to a number of recipients.

Setting one up is easy!

Report = Contents + Schedule + Recipients

Select Report Contents

Ready to create a new report? Choose what Tableau views and dashboards you’d like to share, who you’d like to share it with, and when you’d like to share it with them:

Give your report a meaningful title. It will be used as the email subject or as the title of your slack message.

Views can be added, filtered, and formatted as PNG, PDF, CSV, XLS, and Crosstabs. Use gear icons to modify the output format. 

Each view can have multiple filters with multiple output formats. Flexibility is your friend here. How awesome is that?

Want multiple pdf outputs for the same view? Merge all pdf outputs into one pdf file. Easily rearrange views by dragging and dropping to change the order for the output.

Get creative by mixing and matching views from different dashboards!

Ways to Filter Views

Add multiple filters to views by typing them in or have a Tableau session open in your browser to edit the live view. 

Note that typing in filter values doesn’t update your live view, even though your report outputs will still be specified according to your filters.

Pick a Schedule

Now you’re ready to define when and how often reports should be sent.

Try one of these schedules:

  • First weekday of the month
  • Every 2 hours
  • Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00

Choose Recipients

Send reports to a recipient’s inbox, or straight to them in Slack. 

Make it more interactive by sending your report to one of your Slack channels - either a public, private, or a shared channel.

If you use an FTP server for your users, define the hostname, port and credentials in the settings page. Then in the report form, add them as you would for email and slack recipients.

Further Options

“Embed Images in email body” shows thumbnails inside of emails instead of as attachments. 

“Include a link to the Report” gives you a way to quickly access your reports in the PushMetrics app. This should only be included if you are sending a report within your organization and to users with access to the PushMetrics app. 

“Show a Reload button in Slack” allows any Slack user to refresh Reports delivered from PushMetrics to Slack, which is an easy way for end users to start interacting with analytics.

“Show Tableau Live link in Slack” links users directly back to Tableau in your browser.

Sharing Settings

Within the PushMatrics app, control what reports users can view and interact with. Private reports are only visible to you, public are visible to all your users, or share a report with a group of users.

Save & Repeat

Active reports will send automatically on schedule, and it's easy to quickly send them manually if you need to.

To save some time, send multiple reports at once. This is especially useful if you've had to reset an ETL process or after a data warehouse update.

Now you’re all set!

By default, reports are set to active. Go to the reports overview to change the status to paused, or to send a report to yourself, or your recipients manually.

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