In PushMetrics you have multiple ways to control who gets to see and edit which contents:

Controlling which contents get exposed to PushMetrics
You can control which Tableau contents are available in PushMetrics via the Tableau user you use to connect. Only those workbooks and views available to the user will be visible in PushMetrics.

Controlling who can see which contents
Tableau Connections and Reports can be set to private (i.e. only accessible to you and admins), shared with your entire team (public) or shared with a group of users.

Controlling who can do what actions
You can control what Slack users can do within PushMetrics via user roles.
As of now, we have 5 different user roles:

  • Admin - can access and edit all contents and change other user roles
  • Account owner - just like admin but role cannot be edited by other admins. Account owners can transfer ownership to other users.
  • Interactor - can use all features of the app except creating or editing Tableau connections and other users (this is the default role for all users)
  • Viewer - can see contents in the web app but not edit them (i.e. not create or run reports). Viewers can also not use the Slack App (except for the Refresh button)
  • Recipient - can not log in to the app but only receive emails.

You can find and edit user roles on the Settings tab.

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