In order to use PushMetrics with Tableau, you have to create a connection first. 

PushMetrics imports meta data (Thumbnails, Workbook Name, View Name, etc.) for all workbooks and views available to the Tableau user account that you use to connect.


  1. You have a user account in Tableau Server or Tableau Online (Tableau Public is not supported right now 🙁)
  2. Your Tableau Server must be accessible to PushMetrics. For Tableau Online this is always the case. For Tableau Server this is the case if your Server is openly accessible on the internet. If your Tableau Server is only accessible inside your company network, please read on here.

Creating a connection

  1. In PushMetrics, go to Settings and click on "+ New Connection".
  2. Select if you want to connect to Tableau Server or Tableau Online
  3. For Tableau Server, enter your Tableau URL like it appears if you open Tableau in the browser. It usually looks like
  4. Enter username and password of the Tableau user account that you want to use. Note that only the workbooks and views available to that particular user will be available in PushMetrics.
  5. Click "Connect".

You should now see a success message like this: 

PushMetrics will be synchronising the workbook and view information every 24 hours to account for new created or deleted files on your Tableau server.
You can also trigger this sync manually by clicking on the green refresh button:

Next, you can define permission sets for this Tableau Connection:

  • Public means all members of your team will have access to the contents
  • Shared with a group grants access to all members of the selected groups
  • Private lets only you and administrator users access the contents of the connection.

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